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Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzles are loved by millions around the world. His work can be found in many homes and galleries around the world. Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012) was a beloved American artist whose work can be found in homes across the country and around the world. His gorgeous landscapes are only enhanced by the softness and rich color palette that he used.

Browse our dazzling collection of Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzles, including his Disney Dreams collection, His Warner Bros. Movie Classics collection and Inspirations collection. We offer jigsaw puzzle brands that make quality products; brands like Caeco, Cobble Hill, and Pomegranate that use great materials and sharp, colorful images. Plus, completed Thomas Kinkade puzzles also make delightful wall art for your home!

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Wholesale Puzzles introduced this week an extended collection of Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzles on their website at . Customers who appreciate Kinkade’s artistic style and flair for country cottage scenes and painting light in all its various shades will appreciate the new additions to the jigsaw puzzles at this online retailer.

Thomas Kinkade is known for his intricate, beautiful paintings. Let his work inspire you with this Thomas Kinkade Puzzle! With several designs to choose from, this gorgeous puzzle is sure to bring hours of fun to the whole family.