Title: The World of Eric Carle (1993– )

The World of Eric Carle Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library


My favorite toy set is the The World of Eric Carle: Apple Playset.

The World of Eric Carle has a long running reputation of imaginative story telling and vibrant artwork. The playful learning experience the different pieces provide have made this ‘brand’ one of the most beloved to ever be published. There is nothing better than the feeling that you’ve helped make learning enjoyable and fun. Eric Carle has been doing that for a long long time.

His books not only provide a great source of inspiration to teachers and parents to connect with their children on the subjects of animals and nature, but are also a fantastic way to introduce colors, numbers, and sounds to children everywhere. Here are just a few of his titles to get you started exploring the wonderful world of Eric Carle

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Join the World of Eric Carle for some beautifully illustrated fun

Celebrating the wonderful world of Eric Carle, beloved author and illustrator by highlighting some amazing art work inspired by his books. Best known for and his , his tissue collage technique is easily recognizable and adored by young fans all over the world.

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