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LEGO Movie 70801 Melting Room


The Lego Movie set is at Legoland, CA right now! : lego

Up until July 2014, all LEGO fans had to accept the supposed fact that there would be now more The LEGO Movie sets after the Summer 2014 LEGO Movie sets wave hit stores. And then a funny thing happened–LEGO debuted a handful of LEGO 2015 sets at San Diego Comic-Con 2014… and one of them was from The LEGO Movie! And while it’s certainly not big or elaborate, plenty of fans are excited for the arrival of Winter 2015 LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack 70817 set!

Of the three LEGO Movie 2014 sets being released (with the other two being and ), the LEGO Super Secret Police Dropship 70815 is easily the most obscure of the sets being released in the final wave of LEGO Movie toys. Even so, LEGO has given this set a unique selling-point that no other LEGO Movie set can boast–it’s the only set from The LEGO Movie that contains minifigure from three other themes!

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The LEGO Movie Sets Display at The LEGO Store

With The LEGO Movie hitting theaters in under three weeks, we’ve already got LEGO Movie sets coming out the wazoo. But with LEGO, there’s always room for more, right? And there’s especially room for more low-priced, small LEGO polybag sets! The next LEGO Movie polybag set to hit stores will be the LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set with LEGO Robo SWAT Minifigure! And as you might expect, it’s another store exclusive…

There are so many unbelievably, mind-blowing things going on with these 2014 The LEGO Movie winter sets that I can’t really talk about them all, but I think all of the posted photos in this article speak for themselves. Insanity!!