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It is still yet another object of this invention to provide a temporary door lock that can be painted over such that the resulting paint line on the door will fall within the dimensions of a final finished lockset escutcheon to thereby eliminate the need to mask the permanent lock during subsequent painting.

With reference to , the assembled view of the temporary door lock is illustrated. The assembly is formed from five major components: a rosette; a bolt; a barrel; a locking arm; and an inside plate. These components are lockingly interconnected without any fasteners or the use of any tools to form a door lock. The lock can be temporarily secured within the lock opening and barrel of a door frame during residential or commercial construction to thereby delay the need to install more complicated and expensive permanent locks. The temporary lock is installed by positioning the bolt and barrel within the hole bored in the edge of the door. The rosette and inside plate are then placed over the exterior and interior sides of the lock opening respectively, such that the barrel is secured to an upstanding boss on the rosette and a post on the inside plate. The locking arm can then be used to extend or retract the bolt from the barrel to thereby lock and unlock the door. In this manner, the assembly deters the unauthorized intrusion into the building under construction. The various components of the present invention, and the manner in which they interrelate, are described in greater detail hereinafter in connection with .

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Another object of the present invention is to create a temporary door lock that can be use upon a door as a shipping clip during the transport of the door from the factory to the construction site.

Typically, early on in the construction process, doors 22 are hung from door frames, on both internal door frames and external door frames. These doors 22 usually include preformed prep holes to allow for the installation of permanent locksets. These prep holes include a lock opening 24 for the lockset and a laterally disposed barrel opening 26 for the latch. The temporary door lock assembly 20 of the present invention assembly is dimensioned to be received within the lock opening 24 and barrel 26 of a conventional door frame. Thus, temporary lock 20 is designed to take the place of a permanent door lock during the construction process. Temporary door lock 20 of the present invention can be used in connection with a wide variety of door constructions 22, such as wooden, glass, fiberglass or metal doors. As noted in , door 22 is generally defined by both exterior and interior sides (28 and 30, respectively) and a longitudinal side edge 32. Lock opening 24 extends through both the exterior and interior sides (28 and 30) of door 22. Barrel opening 26 extends through the longitudinal edge 32 and is interconnected to lock opening 24. Both the lock opening and barrel opening (24 and 26) have a diameter that is dimensioned to receive a standard lockset—typically, 2⅜″ for the lock opening and 1″ for the barrel opening. However, assembly 20 can be made in any of a variety of sizes to accommodate varying lock and barrel openings.