Hi all and today I shall be showing you how to make a tAiLS dOlL Plush!

how much would you want for that TAILS Plush figure toy vintage.

GE Animation Sonic Classic Tails Plush


This small Tails plush is ready to join your team

That's my Tails plush and I love it so I'm not going to edit it real, just drawing the image on MS Paint! (I'm getting another Tails plush soon and that's the one I really am editing) so just to let you know the stiches, gem ect arn't real so they might not come out perfect!

So to start fist get a Tails plush (make sure it's yours and not your bro's or sis's! Or anyonelses, make sure it's one your willing to 'sacrifice'!) I recomend this make:

"sonic x tails plush" & marketplace (31) Only

GE Animation Sonic Classic Tails Plush
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Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow and Tails Plush Doll Set of 3 Pieces

Get your Tails plush (CLASSIC Tails recomended) some black, white and orange thread a needle, an old zip a grey strong thick peice of thread (or spring), black PERNAMENT pen, a red PERNAMENT pen, an orange PERNAMENT pen, sissors, super-glue, a ping-pong ball (or a red gem-like item) and if you like a small red light.

How great that now Tails plushes can talk too. This one isn't quite as spot on as the Sonic above, but it still has some nice detail. Notice the individually shaped fur edges to the chest, face and his bangs. He has stitched in fingers, and the split in his tails. However, the body is a bit small and the head looks kind of startled. When squeezed, he says "Ha ha ha it's been a blast!" and "I'm not giving up yet!". This is likely to be similarly sized to the Sonic above. Photo by Rhia.