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MacGregor Batting Tee


Still impressive even if he's using a Tee Ball stand.

In summary, an object of the invention is to provide a tee ball stand with an adjustable length ball support stanchion having an anchor connection fitting on the lower end thereof, and a ground penetrating corkscrew anchor equipped with a stanchion connection fitting on the upper end thereof. The anchor connection fitting of the stanchion may be frictionally coupled to the stanchion connection fitting to hold the stanchion in an upright orientation to receive a ball on the upper end thereof. The ground penetrating corkscrew anchor prevents displacement of the tee ball stand in the event the stanchion is struck by an errant bat swing.

is a side elevational view, partially sectional, of a corkscrew tee ball stand constructed in accordance with a second embodiment of the invention;

Yay! You're now following t ball stand in your .

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DIY Tee Ball Stand Using PVC Pipe | CIS Blog

A further object of the invention is to provide a tee ball stand of the character described which may be quickly and easily installed or uninstalled for storage.

is a side elevational view illustrating the installation of the ground engaging anchor of the second embodiment of the corkscrew tee ball stand; and