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Medela Symphony Breast Pump


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Medela double pump kit for the Medela Symphony breast pump: The Medela double kit allows milk to be expressed from both breasts at the same time. This kit contains two of each of the items mentioned in the single pump kit description.

A Mother’s Haven carries the Medela Symphony Breast Pump for rent or for sale and Medela pumping supplies. Medela Symphony Breast Pumps for sale are available in our online store. A Medela Symphony Breast Pump is available for rent as in-store pick up only.

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  • Moms don't have to pump both breasts to use the Symphony Double Breast pump Kit. Symphony functions as a single pump if desired.

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The Symphony Breastpump is the first pump developed with a 2-phase pumping technology: stimulation and expression. Each phase is uniquely designed to mimic the breastfeeding baby and their natural rhythms. The stimulation phase resembles the baby’s light and fast sucking motion that stimulates milk flow. In the second phase, called expression, the milk flow has started and the baby begins to suck deeper which prompts more milk to flow faster. The unique technology of the Symphony breast pump, along with its many other features, can all be found in a compact-designed kit weighing a mere 7 pounds.

With two separate independent units, switching between breasts is easy and simple with the Symphony Breast pump. With its patented let-down button mothers can return to the stimulation phase at any time during a nursing session and then successfully toggle back to expression phase for full milk removal. Most mothers find the Symphony Breastpump quiet, easy to use and the best part; it expresses quickly with no pain.