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The Amish Furniture Living Room Furniture Mission Swivel Glider Chair is made in the USA in the Arts and Crafts Movement tradition! This Mission Glider is so comfortable you will never never want to get up. This Amish Glider has the highest grade foam in the construction that is also fire resistant. The bottom cushion sits on a springed covered area. The Back cushion is between 4-5" and attached to the back.

A swivel glider is one that both turns on a base and glides back and forth in a rocking motion. Choosing the best swivel glider rocking chair depends on a few factors, including cost, comfort, function, style, and size. The first step in choosing the best swivel glider rocking chair is to determine how much space you have in the room in which you intend to place the chair. Many swivel gliders also come with a footrest or , so be sure to account for the space this piece of furniture will take up as well.

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Swivel glider chairs provide more motion than a simple rocker

Once you have determined how much space you have for your swivel glider rocking chair, determine what style of chair you want. Some styles are fairly spare and do not feature any cushions, while others are plush and upholstered with synthetic or natural materials. Begin your search by looking for chairs that look attractive to you, and then narrow down your list to a few models that you like best. Be sure to consider how the swivel glider rocking chair will look with the other furniture in the room, as well as with the overall aesthetic of the room.

If possible, test out the chair for comfort and function. The chair should be durable enough to withstand regular use, which means any should be durable and stain-resistant, or able to be treated for stain resistance. The frame should be made of wood or metal, and all joints should be welded, nailed, screwed, or otherwise joined solidly. Use the glider and check for excess play in the swivel motion as well as the glider motion, and listen for squeaks or creaks. Unless the model you are considering is an antique, the chair should not make too many noises that indicate strain or loose joints. Some swivel glider rocking chair models feature extending footrests that are actuated with a hand lever mounted on the side of the chair. Be sure to test out this feature for ease of use and comfort.