Say hello to the cutest-ever stuffed sloths. #etsyfinds

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush


Sloth Stuffed Animal | Stuffed Sloth Toy

Your little one will love to cuddle with this 15 inch plush sloth from a company known for quality. Customers who purchased this stuffed sloth from Squishable all said that it exceeded their expectations for huggable softness.

This baby stuffed sloth is a great size at about 15 inches and the mouth and legs are movable. It even has hooks or loops on each paw which connect together and allow you to hang and pose your sloth almost anywhere you want. If you are going to give this cute fellow as a gift, imagine placing him on a tree outside your window for your overjoyed sloth lover to discover. This little guy is just irresistible.

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Little Stuffed Sloth Mini Flopsie | Aurora | Stuffed Safari

This adorable stuffed sloth is cute and extra cuddly. There’s also a load of beans in his bum to give him a bit of weight, but it doesn’t take away his softness!

If you love sloths like we do, you probably wish you could adopt one and bring it home with you. Unfortunately, that's not so easy to do. That's where these stuffed sloths come in. You can bring home as many as you want and you won't have to feed them an endless supply of leaves.