Street Dogs are an band from , formed in 2002 by former singer .

India’s dilemma with street dogs is similar to the American feral cat issue.

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Street Dogs is a punk rock band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts

Over 25 000 stray dogs wander the streets of the Kathmandu valley. Most of these dogs live in a miserable state, suffering from disease, malnourishment and ill treatment.

The Street Dog Care Camp was established in February 2009 at Boudha Stupa. Every Saturday the SDC Camp team, consisting of two local veterinarians and volunteers, treats street dogs for skin diseases, infections and injuries. Every dog is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies. Dogs in serious condition are treated at a veterinary clinic and cared for at the Dog Care Centre until they are fit to go back to the street or to be adopted.

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  • Pet dogs mate with the street dogs. Many pet dog owners do not sterilize their dogs and allow them to breed with the street dogs. As long as owners are not responsible, the sterilization programs will continue to have limited effect on the population growth. As Bob Barker always said, “Help control the animal population by spaying and neutering your pet.” Of course, our dogs are neutered. No one wants little Chips running around Mumbai.
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    Since the camps are held in public areas,they have an important role in building community awareness and support. People are encouraged to bring sick and injured street dogs from their neighbourhoods.

    Street Dogs' new video for "Rattle and Roll" from their new self-titled album, available in stores everywhere.

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