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Undoubtedly, this is one the best strategy board games that exists. Ever since chess was created, people have brought out a certain kind of seriousness from within the game. Competitions are held all around the world and winners come out as grandmasters, earning a reputation of a lifetime. Chess is a game of intelligence, patience and skill. Nowadays, playing chess is highly encouraged for kids and adults to sharpen brain activity. Although this is a game which usually takes time to finish, the excitement which it provides is remarkable and can only be experienced when completely indulged in it.

The interesting thing about monopoly is that it’s one of the best strategy board games for adults and for kids. There are so many different versions of it that the minute you think you’re done with the one you have, another one’s ready to be opened up. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Simpsons, Electronic Banking, Monopoly Junior and numerous other versions are being played all across the globe. The game’s classy, sophisticated and irresistible.

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At Ozone we have many Strategy Board Games to choose from. We have themed strategy games, some classic strategy games, and games that are completely new and original. No matter which game you choose, all will be thought-provoking and, of course, strategic. We offer a variety of options for those who love a good challenge.

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You’ll get a turn for each family member and the option to have additional children but this is where you must choose. Use the resources for other purposes or build extra rooms for the kids? It’s all you. Agricola is a game of limitless intricacies and aces a list of fun strategy board games.

Agricola could easily be one of the top in the list of good strategy board games. It’s based around competitive farming where you play as a farmer and his wife essentially trying to build and run a farm by collecting materials. The aim is to build the biggest farmhouse by the end of the game when all the points are tallied.