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WingFlyer Z100 - Fire Engine Red

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Scooter is the final step in scooters

The 50 Series Step Through Scooter, picture four, was introduced in 1946 and the improved but similar appearing 60 Series started in 1949. The very successful Cushman Cast Iron Eagle, pictures one and five, was introduced in 1950 and continued into 1963. Another variations of the Eagle was the Super Eagle which had a dress-cover over the rear section, introduced in 1959, picture two. The Silver Eagle with a 9 HP aluminum OMC engine, was introduced in 1961.

A step in the right direction. To get moving on the FLYBY deluxe double stepper scooter, kids simply move their feet up and down to gain speed and increase agility. Its a great way for youngsters to enjoy fitness and the outdoors at the same time. From Zike.

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Move Step Basic Scooter 200 Service brakes White - Internet Bikes

Fun step aluminum scooter for ages 6+.
Size 66×22,5×80,5cm, weighing 2,23kg. With the simple folding mechanism is the step as folded to carry in your car easily.

VIEW OUR FULL LINE OF ZIKE SCOOTERS HERE! The Zike® Black Maxx® stepper scooter is designed for children ages 6 to 10 weighing less than 150 lbs,...