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So how did this page get started? After a couple years of rumor and supposition, Lucas remarked in a radio interview that he was going to wait to release any of the movies on DVD until he could do a fancy, feature-laden, groundbreaking six-disc box set. He wanted to oversee the whole process, which meant he expected to wait until after Episode III was done to put any of the movies on DVD. Not surprisingly, I was not the only person who found waiting until 2005 or 2006 for Star Wars on DVD to be a bit upsetting. As the reality of a wait of (at that time) five or six years started to sink in, many people began asking why LucasFilm and THX couldn't put together high-quality anamorphic transfers and Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks for the original trilogy and (which appeared on VHS in the spring of 2000 and even on LaserDisc in some overseas markets) and sell the hell out of some movie-only DVD's. Then Lucas could oversee the creation of a giant six-movie special edition boxed set after he finished with . (Seriously, how many Star Wars fans do you know with multiple copies of the original trilogy on VHS? Most of them...) The result was an online petition, which is about the time that I got into the act with this page (the page has subsequently split into : this news page, a , and a collection of DVD ). I keep the latest news item(s) near the top of the page. For the entire convoluted history of what came before, start and work your way on down.

Yes!!!!!! They have finally released the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD . These are still some of my favorite movies of all time. So far I like episodes IV, V, and VI better than I do I and II. These movies seem to have a better story presentation. Episodes I and II seem to have become somewhat distracted by an emphasis Special Effects at the expense of the story. Again, this may be more due to the higher expectations on them and/or the fact that we pretty much know what happens to many of the characters. I mean, we already know that Anakin becomes Darth Vader and so on. Having said that, I still can't wait for episode III to come out! :)

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