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I’ve read most of the extended universe’s books for a long time. A lot of those book are on New York Times bestseller list. There should be room for the EU and the new continuity. With the cancelation of Sword of the Jedi series and no Star Wars legend books have been announced. I’m afraid the characters and stories we’ve read for decades will be left out to dry. I hope it won’t be the case.

In comparison to Ultimate Star Wars, this book is very kid-friendly. As it’s mostly visual, even pre-readers can enjoy the book, though it’s chock full of interesting facts about the LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigs. My only wish would have been for this one to come with a limited edition minifigure like most of the LEGO Star Wars books do.

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If you love Star Wars then chances are your children will or already do. So will their children, your grandchildren. These books are the perfect stories to read to kids after a long day of defending your individual galaxy. Star Wars has become so ubiquitous that it often gets on a kid’s radar long before they’re ready to actually see the movies. So, what’s a parent or grandparent to do when their 3-year-old wants to know everything there is to know about Darth Vader? Thankfully, these ten Star Wars books for kids were created as kid-friendly stories that are sure to delight your little Jedi.

We’re already counting down to Episode VII , so this year’s May the 4th is extra exciting! We recently received two brand new Star Wars books from our friends at DK Books to share with you, just in time for Star Wars Day.