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5 Fantastic Star Wars Board Games

Regardless, from number 10 down to number 1, each game on this list is still good in in some ways, or, as you get further down, pretty fantastic. So strap on your lightsabers and enjoy as we present our Top Ten Star Wars Board Games.

There are a lot of Star Wars board games, the issue is so few of them live up to source material and/or are any good*. Some notable exceptions are Epic Duels,The Queens Gambit or Deciphers old CCG all now out of print or in the case of the Video board game about as much fun as Greedo firing first. However if your a serious fan then you’ve learnt to be a apologist (well someone saw the prequels more than once) seeking for the midichlorians in the rough even if it requires Jedi like powers, is often worth it. We want to love you Star Wars, Lumpys, JaJa’s and all. So does Imperial Assault get all Holiday Special on us or is this a New Hope?

A Star Destroyer chases down a Corellian Corvette

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    There are many Star Wars based board games to choose from. So to help you navigate through the trash to the real winners we picked some of our favorites. These range from the most incredible original board games to classic games with new twists and themes. This list has been compiled based on reviews, sales rank, and fun factor.

    One of the rarest of all the Star Wars board games. This one fetches the most dollar signs. A game from Avalon Hill produced in 2000’. The Queen’s Gambit comes with a whopping 155 plastic miniatures, 3 separate boards including a 3 tier palace board, and over 150 cards. Based on Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace it allows you to battle the droid army, storm the palace, and battle Darth Maul.