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The fresh and unique design along with the smooth hardwood finish of Alpha standard crib provides a versatile place for your kids where they can feel ultimate safety and comfort. The crib features adjustable mattress positions, making it possible to accommodate your kids as they grow up. The stationary side rails are crafted with durable hardwood and are molded with teething materials with attractive kid-safe finish. The incorporated casters of the crib make it easy to move one place to another. []

The new standard requiring cribs to have fixed sides would take effect in June. The move by CPSC would also prohibit hotels and childcare centers from using drop-sides, though those facilities would have a year to purchase new cribs.

standard size crib mattress dimensions

, Standard ICU Crib

”Used Standard ICU Crib”

• Standard ICU Crib Product Detail

• High Quality 20 Gauge Steel Tubing
• Easy Access Drop Sides and Ends
• Meets all Federal Safety Standards
• Solid Pan Sleeping Surface (non helical design)
• 360° Access to Patient for ICU
• 5" Casters, 2 with Brakes
• Infant, Child & Youth Sizes

Optional Accessories:
• Mattress
• Patient Weighing System
• Central Locking Casters
• Crib Bumper Pads
• Under Crib Storage Bin with Oxygen Tank Cutouts
• IV Pole with Bracket

Finish Options:
• Epoxy Finish
• Chrome Finish

Sleeping Surface Options:
• Gatch Deck
• Trendelenberg Deck
• Fowler Deck
• Flat Pan Deck

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The bebe standard crib incorporates a clean and beautiful design to keep it simple, yet alluring to become a great sleeping place for your babies. ...

Perhaps, one of the most popular and typical cribs for babies are standard cribs. You see this type of furniture often. There are two types of standard cribs, the single drop side and the double drop side. The single drop side has one side which can be adjusted or dropped down to ease the process of getting the child inside the crib. While double drop side has both sides that can be adjusted and dropped down. This may be ideal where the crib is freely standing in a room, and often it is placed where the other side is leaning against the wall and therefor one side is only you’ll be needing when dropping down.