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Assorted Stampers - 50 Pc kids stamp assortment


DIY Stamps for Kids on Valentine's Day - Do Small Things with Love

Note: Styrofoam meat trays make a great DIY stamp material! They can be etched and then cut into squares to make personalized and simple stamps for kids. If you want to make them into a font be sure to then hop back here.

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How to make sponge Stamps for Kids - EP - simplekidscrafts

Our kids stampers also include wooden block stamps that can be personalized with your child's name. These stamps are specially made for small hands. We offer designs such as bugs, monograms and initials with scalloped borders. You can use any color and style of inkpad that you desire with our customized wood block rubber stamps for kids.

Hello! It’s Tuesday so I am back, once again, with a fun (although MESSY) project to do with your kids: DIY Stamps for Kids on Valentine’s Day. I made these stamps for my kids to use because they both love painting and they are too young to write sweet messages by themselves. The perfect solution: stamps! We had fun working on this project, but it got very, very messy, and I was unable to take any pictures after a point. I had my hands full try to contain two kids completely covered in paint. But it was fun….