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Splish and Splash are sensitive cubs and can burst into tears when things spiral out of control or frustrations build to breaking point. Luckily they have each other for comfort. Naturally inquisitive, Splish and Splash question everything with a relentless ‘But why?”

Splish and Splash are twin polar bear cubs. They are always together, do the same activities, eating the same foods and nearly thinking the same thoughts. They are sweet and slightly naïve due to lack of experience, full of youthful desire to be just like the older creatures at the Water’s Edge. They want to be near the action no matter what it is or what is involved. At times, this desire means they show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They don’t mean to cause problems, they are just full of life and naturally curious about the world around them. And because the other Iconicles look out for them they are never in serious danger.

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    Kiddos have never seen a water table quite like the Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table. Little adventurers can create a cascading waterfall on this multi-level sensory play table. It's the perfect backyard toy for multiple children to splish and splash around in as they enhance their fine motor skills. Made in USA of US parts and imported parts from China. Accessories made in China.

    The Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table Features:
    • Scoop water to the top tier and create a tidal wave of fun!

    • Flip flounder back into the water with the included...

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The team trip to the Ramsey Center to go off the high dive and splish and splash and swim in the pool was a welcome annual diversion under coach Mark Richt.

Adults can participate as long as they are competent swimmers, while kids can splish and splash when accompanied by a responsible adult who can swim, organisers say.