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However, that does nothing for a plot that has Osborne stuffed into a stasis tube in a high-tech, high security prison without first being searched for gadgets that may help them escape. It also does nothing for a plot that sees Mary Jane conveniently find an Iron Spider costume and use it effectively simply because she once wore an old version of Stark’s Iron Man suit one time – one time! – and briefly had spider powers during “that Spider Island mess,” both of which she references on page three.

Attempts to reach the Avengers, Inhumans and Ultimates have failed – mainly because Regent has captured all the heroes in the respective teams – so Mary Jane comes up with a spur of the moment, possibly fatal, plan. She will don the Iron Spider costume, which is stored in the very room she and Jarvis are in, and attempt to free Spidey and Stark.

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    While the plot suffers on page three as Mary Jane explains why it would be easy for her to don the Iron Spider costume, Camuncoli, Smith and Gracia do an amazing job of bringing her to life. Her face is expressive. You can read fear, resolve and anger on her face in every panel.

    Spider-Man and Iron Man, recently captured by Regent, are rescued, and Regent is beaten, thanks to Mary Jane Watson and the Iron Spider costume in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 015.