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Special needs kids play football with UAlbany

Please do interact with parents of special needs kids, but don’t bombard them with questions. They will talk when they are ready to talk, and some days (like all of us) they just don’t feel like discussing the intricacies of what they are going through. Have normal conversations. Speak to them like other parents – they are. And don’t ask: “What is wrong with your child?”

What a service you’ve given to families with special needs kids Cara! Two of the things that struck me were the difficulty navigating for services and the amount of paperwork required to get through the maze. No wonder so many special needs kids fall through the cracks . . . you children are blessed to have you for a mom . . .

Playground For Special Needs Kids Being Built in Salinas

Guinea Pig 'Porkchop' Teaches Special Needs Kids

Parents of special needs kids are likely to be more tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with daily tasks than you are. Give them a break. If you see them losing their temper, know that they have probably been pushed beyond their limits. Give them a break. Even better, lend them a hand.

It may seem strange to those of you not in this situation, but parents of special needs kids want to be treated like normal families – not like some charity case to be pitied. Yes they have bigger challenges, yes they have things they feel sad about, but they’re also proud of their kids, and have incredible gifts from their children that you could never understand if you didn’t stand in their shoes either.