Praise for Sacred Sounds of the Womb….

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Calm a colicky baby, Stop your baby crying and help your baby sleep with the soothing sounds of the womb. Download your very own 12 hour womb sounds white noise mp3 today.

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like inside the womb? Listening to a CD with natural womb sounds, the sounds of heartbeats and relaxing arias might give you some idea. Putting your ears against a friend's stomach is another way of entering the sound world of the womb. A baby lives in a stimulating world filled with sounds, motions and vibrations, and the first sounds a baby hears are the rhythmic, natural sounds of heartbeat, blood circulating, and the whoosh of amniotic fluid.

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“I had some stunning experiences with the Sounds of the Womb. The sounds are so deep. Healing happens, I went through deep processes of healing and experienced the opening of deep inner affectedness during slow sex…. it was magic.” Sylvia, Germany

The sounds of the womb are hard-wired into our very being as an audio synonym for warmth, comfort, safety and love. These are the things we need most in our lives. Especially when we're trying to relax and allow our bodies to heal and restore themselves.