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so, when i’m hearing “forced specials” i’m thinking something like alucard having to change into a bat to reach some areas, or samus needing bombs to reach a new part of the map. is it like that? cuz when i saw clips of the first sonic boom on 3ds it looked more like a metroidvania type game. and if this is like that, i wouldn’t mind.

im a wii u owner and would gladly get any party of games and sega i love sonic and sega all stars racing transformed and hope u make more good games like that on to consoles and sega bad games (sonic boom wii u and 3ds) get bad sales sonic boom wii u has to much problems and sonic boom 3ds is collecting a lot of stuff is nessarsary to get to the next level neither of those games have sonic moving fast and auto run segments where u jump and move left or right dont count, tip to sega sonic platformer games should be like sonic colors and sonic generations

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