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Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure (6pcs-Set) [Toy]

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The Sonic Action Figure Parachute is a fun project for all ages. The elastic parachute harness can be fitted to most 4? action figures. This unique parachute design employs vents for stability and requires only four shroud lines for fewer tangles. If tangling does happen, simply disconnect the shroud lines, untangle and reattach quickly. You can throw the parachute from the ground, or an elevated surface like a deck or hill for longer flights. Younger kids may need help throwing the parachute from the ground.

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Due to a number of requests, I made this video showing off my Sonic Action figure collection. Note: In the video I mention Sonic and Knuckles toys from Burger King. They are in fact not from Burger King, but actually Jack in the Box.

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Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Through Time Super Sonic Action Figure

The Limited Edition will include a Sonic action figure (not a doll) as well as three wisps — the aliens that give Sonic his powers and open up new areas during his new adventure. The Wii and DS versions both come packaged with different colored wisps. The Wii variant (above) gets a white wisp, an orange wisp and light blue wisp while the DS version (below) contains a yellow wisp, blue wisp and red wisp.

Pre-order bonuses are often of the digital variety these days – map packs, character skins, downloadable waffle recipes – but those who pre-order Sonic Boom from GameStop will pick up something much more tangible. Specifically, GameStop pre-orders (EB Games in Canada) will include an exclusive and svelte Sonic action figure (he's really been working off those chili dogs, it seems). As you can see in the image above, the figure includes a fashionable, be-scarved Sonic, an "Ancient's Crystal" and what appears to be a snorkel.

Finally, whether you pre-order Sonic Boom or not – we wouldn't blame you for playing it cautious – you can also take in a new trailer and some screens.