Snuza movement monitor attaches to baby's diaper.

Snuza Hero Mobile Baby Movement Monitor + 4 Extra Replacement batteries


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The value of Snuza monitors in today's mobile world is significant as it is an 'out-and-about' monitor, unrestricted by the conditions imposed by other monitoring products. The innovative Snuza range offers unsurpassed technology in the world of baby monitoring in that it uniquely combines finely-tuned precision monitoring with mobility and ergonomics. Because Snuza hero clips over the waistband of baby's diaper, it doesn't matter where they sleep. Perfect for at home, when travelling or when visiting friends and family. The Snuza hero has a unique vibration feature that is activated to stimulate baby is movement is not sensed for 15 seconds. If movement is not detected within 5 seconds of the vibration, an audible alarm is activated. You can be assured that Snuza hero is safe. There are no wires or cords that could potentially harm baby; Your Snuza is made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics; and importantly, does not send or receive radiofrequency signals. Comes with replaceable battery and comprehensive 1 year warranty.

Traditional baby movement monitors are fitted beneath the baby’s mattress but the Snuza Halo monitor attaches directly to the baby’s diaper. You simply turn the unit on and then clip it to the waistband of your baby’s diaper. If the monitor does not detect any movement within 15 seconds the built-in vibrating stimulator will trigger your baby to breathe again, this stimulation is used in many neonatal care units across the world. If a further five seconds passes without movement an audible alarm is triggered.

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    Clip a Snuza movement monitor onto your baby’s diaper and you’re good to go! Snuza will travel with you to ensure that your baby is monitored wherever you are. Unlike other movement monitors which are limited to use under a cot mattress, Snuza is mobile – use it at home, in a carrycot…wherever baby goes.

    This is where Snuza can help. Snuza monitors your baby’s movements. If there is no movement sensed for 15 seconds, Snuza will gently vibrate to stimulate your baby.