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HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver


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Researchers tested 14 infant sleep machines at maximum volume, analyzing the noise level production from distances of 30, 100 and 200 centimeters. The 30-centimeter measurement resembles a typical distance from a baby’s head to the crib rail; 100 centimeters would be near a crib and 200 centimeters would be across the room from a crib.

After doing some deep research and reading a lot of real user reviews, I am going to have to give this machine a 9 out of 10 rating. This sleep machine is not perfect and has some downfalls, but the benefits alone make this worth the $100 or so it costs. After reading positive review after positive review, yes there were some bad ones, but this is a great natural sleep aid and it works! If you can get past some of the possible build quality issues a few people have had, this white noise machine is a perfect fit for naturally relaxing, deep and invigorating nights of sleep. Plus they have a one year warranty so that a lot of the risk out of purchasing this. The Ecotones sound sleep machine is not for everyone and may not work for everyone. If you are looking for deeper and more restful nights sleep, this machine is one of the best, to get Ecotone Sound Sleep Machine.

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"Sleep Machine is simply the best customizable relaxation, sound atmosphere, and alarm clock application available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. "

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For many people the Ecotones Sound+Sleep machine helps them get very good natural sleep. The sleep machine helps you get restful deep sleep by offering very high quality sounds while you sleep. Some of these sounds include very peaceful sounds that will help you fall asleep; like, rain fall, city noise, white noise, fireplace and the sound of the
ocean. For me personally, I am going to pick one of these up because I love falling to sleep to the sound of rain and didn’t realize a machine existed like this until reading about it. There are over and most of them were very positive, this must be a great natural sleep aid right?

You are reading my honest and detailed personal Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine review. I did in depth research for you and will be discussing all the benefits, negatives and features of this popular white noise sleep machine. I will also be sharing real user reviews of the sleep machine. If you are looking to purchase the Eco tones Sound, make sure to visit the link below for the discounted price.