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Mega Bloks Skylanders Ultimate Battle Arcade

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Skylanders MEGA BLOKS Legendary review

Skylanders Giants is popular in our household with both my son (9) and daughter (5) so having the opportunity to check out some new Skylanders Giants Mega Bloks was, of course, awesome as well.

In addition, I’m no fan of the $29.99 price-tag on this 138-piece Skylanders Mega Bloks set. That’s more than 21 cents per piece, making this one of the highest priced per-piece medium sized Mega Bloks sets around. Given that this set has very little deco and only one figure with any articulation at all, the MSRP for this set is too high by at least $5.

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2013 Skylanders Giants Mega Bloks Sets NYTF Teaser

This is an area that Mega Bloks has wholeheartedly seized, extending an Activision partnership that started with Skylanders Mega Bloks sets (what I guess would be a called a game-toy-game transition) into Call of Duty and now Destiny. Assassin’s Creed and Halo sets are also available, with the result that a wide range of adult subject matter is being transformed into what we will call for the sake of familiarity fake Lego.