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One of the highlights of our gamescom adventure each year is getting to go hands-on with the latest Skylanders game, and chat to the developers about the ideas behind it. It almost makes the inevitable train delays, and several hour layover in Brussels worth it.

Per the image above, if this is your first Skylander game, you will need to purchase Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack first. However, if you have Skylander: Spyro’s Adventure then you can simply purchase Skylanders: Giants Portal Owner’s Pack and be ready to go. The Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack will include the video game (for whichever console you have), the “Portal of Power” where the characters will sit on, and three different Skylander figures. The pack also includes a few other goodies and there are additional accessories, like a storage container, that you can purchase as your collection grows.

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Core Each regular Skylander is known as a Core Skylander. When a new character is introduced, it is marked as a First Edition toy. If that character shows up again in a later Skylanders game, it is marked as Series 2. At this time, the highest Series a character can be is Series 4. These new Series characters may also get an alternate name and a new Wow Pow Upgrade.
Lightcore In addition to the physical toy lighting up when you place it on the Portal of Power, the chacter will emit a damaging shockwave each time it's brought into the game.

There are also sub-categories of Special Edition figures that multiple Skylanders fall into. There are Lightcore Skylanders that light up on the Portal of Power and have a special power in-game, Legendary Skylanders that have high Armor and/or Critical Hit stats, and Dark Skylanders. No info at this time about Dark Skylanders.
Legendary and Dark In addition to a new paint job, these variants boast improved stats.
Alt Deco Same stats but nifty new paint job!
Giants Giant Skylanders are much bigger characters that have the ability to move heavier objects in-game that little Skylanders cannot.
Swap Force Swap Force Skylanders can be taken apart and put together with other Swap Force Skylanders. The top half of each figure keeps track of the character's Level and Gold collected as well as the Health, Armor, and Luck stats. The bottom half of each figure controls the character's Speed stat and movement capabilities.
Trap Masters Trap Masters are new Skylanders for Trap Team. They are not the only Skylanders that can trap Villains, but they will deal more damage to Villains. They are also the only Skylanders that can break Traptanium crystals.
Minis Minis are miniature versions of popular Skylanders. Some are stronger than the original characters based on the Power Stats.
Superchargers When paired with the right vehicle, these Skylanders will "Supercharge" that vehicle, altering its appearance and improving its stats.

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Skylanders are the toys and creatures featured in every Skylanders game. With each game's release, a new set of Skylanders become available for purchase. This time around, Skylanders SuperChargers feature new for land, air, and sea, and new SuperChargers that, when paired with the right vehical, can "supercharge" it, altering its appearance and improving its stats.

Hi my grandchildren have all the skylanders games for the wiiu. I have just bought Superchargers and a new wiiu. Can the old games be played on the wiiu please.