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Details are only second to accuracy when it comes to skeleton models. Muscle origins and insertions painted red and blue so you can find the insertions that move on the body. Arteries and nerves throughout the body aren't common, but you can typically find the vertebral artery, and nerve branches are marked up the spine with yellow and red rubber. You'll also want to look for finer details in the bone features like styloid processes, foramen in the skull, condyles that aren't over-exaggerated, tubercles to show where muscles begin and end.

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The most important feature in a human skeleton model is anatomical accuracy. The number of bones and correctly numbered parts are essential to a good lesson or study guide. Many anatomy models display hand-painted numbers on each bone that correspond with a bone key. It's rare to find a skeleton with all 206 bones, but you can typically come close at 200 bones.

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Different students and professionals will want skeletons that show different details. Look for a skeleton model that emphasizes features in your specialized field. For example, physical therapists and P.T. students may be more interested in articulated skeletons that show muscle insertions and origins. While chiropractors, pre-med and post-med, will want flexible skeletons with removable parts to show patients and study specific regions of the skeletons up close. For students without a specialization or general science teachers, it's best to find a simple, but detailed skeleton with at least nerves and arteries marked.

Anyone teaching, practicing or studying in the medical field knows what a nightmare anatomy and physiology classes can be. Memorizing all 206 bones and 650 muscles in the human body can be exhausting. Human skeleton models and other anatomy guides make teaching and learning the human body easier, especially for hands-on learners. The best examples of human skeleton models we found were , and the . For more, read our .