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Skate rails with the red 90A urethane rollers, R2-0484-9001, are excellent for protecting the surfaces of delicate material surfaces. The grey TCP rollers, R2-0848-9901, offers a lowerpriced skate rail for handling corrugated packages and has a greater load capacity.

Well it's finally here! I mentioned that I was going to make this video about a month ago and a bunch of you guys have been asking me when this is going to come out. So here it is! This is just my insight on how to learn to skate rails. Sorry that I couldn't do the teaching on a real street rail but Cincy doesn't have a lot of good street rails and I couldn't do this much filming at the few rails we have. But the basics of learning a decent sized park rail is the same thing as skating a street rail I promise! So be safe and good luck!

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    The Rotacaster skate rails are easily installed in a workstation, assembly or conveyor line as an alternative to a ball transfer with easier more fluid product movement. The skate rails are alsoexcellent inverted for a low profile wheel base.

    Storch Magnetic Skate Rails (MSR series) are engineered for added support of suspended wide sheet steel between and outside of Storch Magnetic Gearbelt Conveyors. Magnetic Skate Rails can prevent bowing or sagging of wide sheets in press-feeding, stacking and destacking applications. Magnetic Skate Rails can also be used in stand-alone applications where sheet grabbers [grips], vacuum cups or other means are used to mobilize the sheet.