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This invention concerns a sitting bathtub with one side of the bathtub almost entirely open from rim to bottom and from front to back and an inwards curved hatch. The side opening of the bathtub is covered from the inside with this hatch after the entrance of the person that is to take a bath via this big lateral opening. Between hatch and the side of the bathtub is arranged a highly elastic seal.

The type of sitting bathtub under consideration (FIG. 1) is primarily intended for disabled, wheelchair users and others with similar movement restrictions. For muscle training in water it is for instance for a physical therapist essential to be able to see into the bathtub from the side in order to study and instruct the bathing and/or training person. The lateral hatch should for this reason among others be made from thinnest possible transparent or clear material for instance acrylic (plexiglass). The bathtub should further have a great depth (80-100 cm) so that the bathing person can be surrounded by water up to shoulders and neck and almost float in the water. The desirable big depth results in a high hydrostatic pressure at the lower part of the hatch and will result in bending outwards of the hatch. For instance it can be mentioned that a flat hatch of acrylic with the dimensions 90×100 cm and the thickness of 6 mm will have an arching outwards in the size of 15-20 mm horizontally as well as vertically. An outward curvature of this size is very apparent and experienced as a great factor of uncertainty in combination with the relatively big water volume (300-400 liters) of the bath when the tub is filled. A smaller curvature is however considered natural. The problem of the great curvature outwards results in a hatch that is precurved or arched inwards. Single or double curved hatch as well as the size of the curvature depends for instance on the material used and the material thickness. Shape and location of the curvature can be varied. Different cases are possible and may influence the shape of the lateral opening of a bathtub in the lateral direction in the sealing zone.

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My daughter is 20 months old, and i can't get her to stay sitting in the bath tub! She always is trying to stand up. Any idea's to keep her sitting during bath time!