Blairex Simply Saline Sterile Nasal Mist Nasal and Sinus Relief

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Simply Saline Nasal Mist 4.25 oz

I find that Blairex Simply Saline Sterile Nasal Mist is a great solution for the dryness that often causes nosebleeds when I am taking daily antihistamines and decongestants during allergy season. This particular sprayer emits a stream that always catches me off guard but is effective for delivery into your sinuses, rather than just your nasal passages. It makes allergy season a little bit easier to get through.

My nasal passages and sinuses feel healed after just a few days of use. It restores the natural moisture balance that allergy medications take away.

Ease of Use
When you depress the button, you have to be careful with the pressure. It goes from a drip to a mist to a stream with the tiniest change of pressure. And, to be honest, the stream can be quite jarring.

Relief comes with repeated use. Initially, if you nasal passages or sinuses are raw, you may experience some stinging with use.

Blairex Simply Saline Sterile Nasal Mist is an excellent product if you can stand spraying something in your nose. It was very difficult for me to get used to, and I still don't like it. But I also don't like taking pills all the time, so this is a good alternative to try first so that I can avoid taking medication.

This nasal spray works well for congestion. It helps clear the sinuses using just saline, and it also keeps the nasal passages from drying out, which can cause nosebleeds. So this is great when you have congestion.

Ease of Use
As far as nasal sprays go, this is pretty easy to use. I'm not a fan of nasal sprays in general. They usually make me sneeze for at least an hour afterward, but the spray is fine enough that it doesn't just squirt into the nose and trigger sneezing. It really is more like a mist, which is much easier for me to take.

The good thing about nasal sprays is that they are mechanical instead of chemical, so the effect is almost immediate and usually lasts for a while. You can also do a plain saline spray fairly often during the day if you need to, whereas with a pill or medicated spray you have to wait longer between times.

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Simply Saline Nasal Mist is very gentle, non-habit forming, no side effects, no steroids, and sterile. I like the portable size. Simply Saline also makes one that's twice this size, 3 ounces. I keep the larger one handy at home, work and car, so that I can have one in case I forget the smaller one. I highly recommend this, it's much easier to use than a Neti Pot. Although I'll still use a Neti Pot every so often, but obviously the Simply Saline spray is much more convenient to use when away from home or when I don't have a lot of time. Simply Saline sprays have definitely cut down the painful sinus headaches I used to get all the time.

When your nose is both stuffed up and feeling raw, Simply Saline Saline Nasal Mist is a preservative and drug free nasal wash that moisturizes the skin around your nose and helps clear congestion. The saline mist is the standard of purity, working without damaging delicate nasal tissue. The giant size bottle will also remain sterile the entire time you use it.