The Simon game has three game modes:

Simon Electronic Memory Game


Play this free simon game and have fun testing your memory

"Winning a scholarship from the Simon Games gave me the financial support I needed to finally apply to business school. Playing in the Simon Games gave me the insight, inspiration, and camaraderie to actually do it!"

"For me the Simon games were an opportunity to gauge where my application of engineering principles to business decision making provided advantages and disadvantages. In other words they were a way for me to test where I fell in reference to people in other backgrounds when it came to making business decisions.

SIMON Swipe Game - Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

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Simon Business School : The Simon Games

"The Simon Games are perfectly suited to testing the skills of an entrepreneurial leader. The Games require you to take the helm of a simulated company and weigh the decisions and trade-offs faced by technology CEOs every day."

Researchers studied several groups of pre-school children in various countries, and they found that in every country, students with stronger self-regulation had significantly better academic outcomes than those who did not. Dubbed the Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulder task from the classic Simon Says game, researchers noted that in countries already known to have stronger self-regulation than the U.S., those children ”did significantly better in math vocabulary and early literacy.”