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Similac Advance Non-GMO Newborn Infant Formula with Iron, Stage 1, Ready-to-Feed bottles, 2 fl oz, 8 count (Pack of 6)


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Putting aside the weird amazon review on here, this formula, I believe... is meant for a 'easy transition' for baby. Not forcing anything on a mother/baby by the 'supplementation' wording.

It's actually not any different in ingredients than the Similac Advance that is also in 2oz ready bottles. Which I used before this item came out. My child didn't take it any different than the other Similac. Most all formulas say "Breastfeeding is recommended".

I used Similac 2oz bottles the first 3 weeks of my daughters life when I was too tried to breastfeed, my nipples were too chapped from constantly feeding/being new to feeding... and to up her birth weight. She was jaundice and the doctor recommended supplementation since jaundice baby's have harder time getting rid of jaundice with breastmilk. Sure enough... did the trick.

This product is cheaper in store by almost half the price of the 8 pack on here. So check there first. I have 2 bottles always on my nightstand for those rough nights. Worth it!

Nothing wrong with this formula. Formula is formula. And they don't charge anymore in store for the 'supplementation' Similac than they do the Similac 'advance' in the same 2oz ready bottles.

Case of 48 Similac Sensitive 2 oz nursette bottles
Specifically designed for infants with fusiness and gas because of lactose sensitivity
Ready to give & ideal for traveling

Expert Care Alimentum Ready-to-Feed / 2-fl oz bottle

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