What should I look for in selecting silverplated and/or sterling flatware?

is either pure but usually sterling silver plated over a base metal.

Sterlingcraft KT404S Silver Finish Serving Tray, NA

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Using sterling silver trays for drinks, hors d'oeuvres, or main courses adds a touch of luxury to any dinner or party. Pre-owned silver platters are timeless treasures that can enrich future generations with their signature shine and elegance. With eBay's extensive listings, buyers will likely find more than one beautiful silver platter or tray that fits their style and meets their entertaining needs.

... Melford Footed Silver Plate Turkey Meat Carving Platter Tray 18

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Category : Silver > Silverplate > Platters & TraysItem Id: 99206
Composition: SilverplateType: cake plate
Maker: SheffieldAge: 1900-1940
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eBay sellers can be contacted through a link under their profile or via the "Ask a Question" link under the item listing. Read the seller's feedback and the product reviews on the listing page to make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable seller and that others who have bought the same product and brand have been pleased with their new silver platter.

You should ask for photos of any used pieces that interest you to verify the presence of a hallmark or additional marks that confirm the item's quality. The photos will also help you see if the platter is tarnished, stained, or water spotted. Tarnish does not detract from a piece's value, but you should ensure that the tarnish is not covering dents, dings, or other damage. Monograms or commemorative words or emblems on used silver may actually increase the piece's value. A few well-known silver platter manufacturers include Salisbury Silver, Reed & Barton, and Empire Silver. Watch for particularly valuable trays from manufacturers such as Moselle, Charter Oak, La Vigne, Assyrian Head, Carnation, Fleur de Luce, Grenoble, Eternally Yours, Heraldic, Marquise, and Vintage.