All in one Silk Screen kit for glass.

Speedball Super Value Fabric Screen Printing Kit

Too low to display

$20 Portable Silkscreen Kit by br3ttb

Thank you for showing us the Sculpey Silk Screen Kit Cindy. This is so exciting! I’m looking forward to trying this out, if the product is available in the UK.

The Review
So overall, once the instructions have been refined, I’d give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. As it stands though, I would be an upset Hobby Lobby customer and would want my $40.00 back. Since I’ve never done traditional screen printing, I have really no idea of the cost comparison, I just know that $40.00 is a lot to shell out to be disappointed. However, from what I hear, $40.00 is a great deal for a home silk screening kit, provided it yields the results you expect. Once the instructions have been refined, I can see this product doing quite well.

Silk Screen Kit for Glass All in one Silk Screen kit for glass

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this looks like fun! I bought a project runway silk screen kit for my 6 year old daughter and, surprisingly it worked! She managed to make a very cute onsie :)

Thanks for the new product video Cindy on the silk screen kit. I did get mine but haven’t had time to use it. Now that I have seen the way you used the liquid clay for a tone on tone, that has gotten me excited to try this. I like that look so am gearing up to try that asap!