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A companion piece to the SHREK THE THIRD soundtrack, which presents a lively collection of pop/rock tunes, the score features orchestral pieces by veteran composer Harry Gregson-Williams, who also contributed music to the first two blockbuster computer-animated films. As on his earlier SHREK scores, Gregson-Williams playfully mixes Renaissance Fair-like tracks with more dynamic string pieces (see "Charmed & Dangerous"), effectively heightening both the comedy and the drama of the fairytale adventure.

Fans of the third animated feature will enjoy the innocuous songs on SHREK THE THIRD SOUNDTRACK. Highlights are Macy Gray's "What I Gotta Do," deliciously soulful with a spare, sparkling instrumental arrangement and gorgeous background vocals; and 's surprising ability to fill Ann Wilson's shoes on Heart's "Barracuda." and will charm your socks off with "Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again)" -- a joyful, energetic duet.

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Shrek the Third soundtrack, music by various artists

Composer Winifred Phillips' track "Shrek's Way" for the Shrek the Third videogame soundtrack, produced by Winnie Waldron, developed by Amaze Entertainment and published by Activision.

The Shrek the Third XBLA game was released to support the Shrek the Third film, starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Rupert Everett, Eric Idle, Justin Timberlake, Susanne Blakeslee and Larry King.

The film tells the continuing story of an ogre named Shrek and his fairy tale adventures. When Shrek (Mike Myers) married Fiona (Cameron Diaz) the last thing he had in mind was becoming the next King of Far Far Away. But when Shrek's father-in-law, King Harold (John Cleese), suddenly croaks, that is exactly what he faces. Recruiting Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) for a new quest, Shrek sets out to bring back the rightful heir to the throne. Meanwhile back in the kingdom, Fiona's jilted Prince Charming (Rupert Everett) storms the city with an army of fairy tale villains to seize the throne. Fiona and a band of princesses must stop him to ensure there will be a kingdom left to rule!

Shrek The Third Soundtrack like its predecessors features songs from some of today's biggest stars such as Fergie, Wolfmother and Snow patrol. Plus classic hits from heritage superstar artists such as The Ramones,Paul McCartney & Wings and Led Zeppelin. Movie opnes 05-18-07.