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Safety Concern: The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest / Travel Headrest can potentially interfere with active head restraints and/or side impact air curtains in the event of a crash. This means users could sustain head or neck injuries in a crash. When installed on a vehicle head restraint, the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest forces the vehicle headrest to be higher than the lowest position. For smaller riders, this could mean less than ideal placement of a head restraint. Additionally, smaller riders leaning to the side to use the Cardiff Headrest may end up out of position for adequate seat belt protection.

- The Seat Belt Release Protector was invented in 2003 when our nephew who was sitting in the backseat with our then infant daughter's car seat, mistakenly unbuckled the seatbelt that was holding her car seat in place and not his own. Because she was seated in the middle seat, his red "RELEASE" button was directly next to hers. We had no idea that she was unbuckled until about a week later when we turned a corner and her entire carseat tipped over. We needed a simple, easy to use product that was easily removed in case of an emergency and easy to put on for the average mom and dad, but we also wanted something affordable and accessible to everyone, thus the Seat Belt Release Protector was born!

Seat Belt Protection Device For Children

Item # 03-306 Seat Belt Release Protector - Made in the USA!
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Summer Infant Seat Belt Protectors - Cream - Boots

Installation instructions:
1. After your baby's car seat has been correctly and securely installed in the vehicle, lock the seat in place with the vehicle seat belt/restraint system.
2. Slide the Seat Belt Release Protector (open side should be facing the front of the vehicle) over the the head of the buckled car seat belt. The closed side of the Seat Belt Release Protector should be nearest to the seat back.
3. The Seat Belt Release Protector is properly installed if it fits snugly over the head of the buckle.

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