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Set of 5 Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Models - Bugs: Scorpion, Stag Beetle, Tarantula, Praying Mantis, & Dragonfly

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Scorpions have been introduced accidentally to England and New Zealand. The English colony, on the Isle of Sheppey, represents the northern most limit where scorpions are found in the wild.

All scorpions belong to the order Scorpiones and within this are grouped into 13 families. In turn, the families are composed of approximately 2,000 species and subspecies. Additionally, 111 extinct species of scorpions have been indentified.

Stag Beetle VS Emperor Scorpion (Battling Bugs) - YouTube

Stag Beetle VS Emperor Scorpion (Battling Bugs) - Duration: 5:05

Scorpion Beetles, one with four 1mm hollow brass tubes inside, with wire extensions leading to the front claws and feeler legs, exiting the rear of the scorpion, allowing for puppeteering front end motion, filmed peeking out of a box

Scorpions have been found in many , including marine and estuarine deposits, coal deposits from the and in . The oldest known scorpions lived around 430 million years ago in the Silurian period. Though once believed to have lived on the bottom of shallow tropical seas, early scorpions are now believed to have been terrestrial and to have washed into marine settings together with plant matter. These first scorpions were believed to have had gills instead of the present forms' though this has subsequently been refuted. The oldest scorpiones () comprise the earliest known terrestrial animals from Gondwana. Currently, 111 fossil species of scorpion are known. Unusually for arachnids, there are more species of scorpion than or ones.