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aurora's sassy look. again,sorry for the bright eyes! :P. Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Princess club tagged: disney princess fairy tale.

The Sassy Look Book cultivates visual acuity through exposure to bold patterns and rich hues on pages designed for young eyes. True reflection mirror on fourth page helps baby organize world. Multi-textural handle is safe to hold and chew on. Colorful tabs can be used to introduce color names to baby. Photo pockets provide interaction opportunity between parent and baby. Holds seven 4" x 6" photos and one wallet size photo.

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    They say eyes are the mirror of your soul. If that be true, then the eyeliner should be the road map to the heart! No, seriously, eyeliner immediately gives a sassy look to the wearer, transforming Plain Janes' to Dazzling Divas. With just a little flick of your liner, you can not only re-shape your eyes, but also change the way people eye you! Whether its gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner that pleases your heart, the possibilities to create magic with your eyes are many, all you require is to understand what style suits your eyes and your personality, the best!

    Asymmetry by itself is sassy and cool, but when you add in an extreme side part and tousle your mane up a tad, you get a sassy look that’s bursting with edgy attitude and volume.