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Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag with Mesh Bag for Easy Clean and Store


The sand toys before summer is over!

1) – I think Quut makes some of the coolest and inventive sand toys around. This bucket’s design makes it easier for kids to carry water without spilling it.

We had a good last hurrah on our last week of summer… we had , went to the beach, and Ben and I even . My parents planned this family and friends beach day, and they came equipped with everything for a full and fun day under the sun. They brought food, volleyball equipment, sand toys galore, umbrellas, tents, frisbees, and tug-of-war! We had so much fun relaxing and playing.

Yay! You're now following sand toy in your .

Yay! You're now following sand toys in your .

We live right by the beach so you can imagine that we spend a lot of time playing in the sand and ocean! We have a huge bag of beach toys that we always take with us because I don’t like the kids to be in the sun the whole day, so it’s nice to have cool sand toys for them to build sand castles in the shade. These toys will take your little one’s beach experience to the next level!

I discovered the when I was reading reviews on Amazon for another sand toy set, and a reviewer said this one was way better (I bought both, they were right.)