The Best & Safest Convertible Car Seats of 2016

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Today, released the first round of ratings using their . With cautious optimism, we feel this is likely to be a big step forward and should help parents to compare the crash safety of carseats. In the long term, just like the 5-star rating system from NHTSA and the IIHS Top Safety Pick ratings for automobiles, more rigorous testing often leads to better product designs in the future. Though many of us in the Child Passenger Safety industry have had our concerns about previous ratings, there are definitely improvements that were made over the last few years.

Certain child restraint manufacturers claim to have the absolute safest car seats on the market. These claims are completely unproven. Not necessarily untrue, but there is no metric or rating released to the public by the government. We know that all seats sold in the United States pass the same strict crash tests and safety requirements. Beyond that, you're taking the marketing department's word for it about the relative safety of their products.

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    As parents, it is important to ensure that our cars follow all safety precautions to ensure that they are child-friendly. Keeping our family safe, after all, is a top priority. That is why we are willing to buy the best convertible car seats for our kids. With so many on the market, here is a list of the ten safest car seats that you should consider investing in for your babies and toddlers.