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In addition to added cushioning support, a rubber mattress cover generally tends to be more firm, which provides much better back support than many other types of mattresses.

Another reason might be for allergy protection. In case you are allergic to dust or you are allergic to other types of fabrics or materials that typical bedding and sheets might be composed of, a rubber mattress cover might be a much better alternative for you, strictly from a hypoallergenic point of view.

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    A rubber mattress cover also makes for an excellent choice for children who may be suffering from bed wetting problems or for adults who might suffer from incontinence challenges, due to its waterproof nature.

    One reason might be for the sake of comfort. Indeed, over the course of time, mattresses will eventually wear our and the quality of the sleeping surface will begin to degrade. Rubber provides an extra layer of cushioning for enhanced comfort. One way to preserve and extend the useful life of your mattress is to outfit it with a rubber mattress cover.