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The standard Risk board game includes dice, Risk cards, and six sets of miniature armies. The newer editions include new scenarios and objectives, and are stand-alone games (not expansions).

Since attacking and defending with dice define every interaction on the Risk board, knowing the ways to use the statistics of battle to your advantage give you a distinct advantage when playing.

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These estimates will not remain constant. Risks will be added and subtracted as time goes on. Once the team has begun with the development work and the requirements engineer has started adding more features to user stories everyone has more responsibility for developing a solution and maintaining a functioning risk management system. The risk board is a tool that is meant to benefit everyone in the team. What should happen if the solution cannot happen as planned? What happens when the purchased control functions differently to what the provider promised on their website? What happens when the most important knowledge source for a specific area in the team is no longer available etc.? Technological and personal risks must be ascertained within the team, evaluations must be planned and carried out. That could happen using sprint planning, for example.

So how should you determine the top risks and the defensive action? Make them visible for all the interested parties in the form of a risk board.