Night Vapor Remote Control Airplane:

Top Race Cessna C185 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Airplane, Ready to Fly (Colors Vary)


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Remote control airplanes are a blast but sometimes even the most devoted RC pilots are grounded because of the weather. The Night Vapor Remote Control Airplane lets you bring your high-flying adventures inside.

The standard remote control airplane is big and fast, but those aren’t always good qualities, especially when big also means heavy and fast, combined with the aforementioned heavy, results in broken furniture and holes in the wall. The Night Vapor makes slow and light seem like golden virtues, providing an opportunity to fly in your living room, dining room, or office at work. DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for you getting in trouble for flying while on the job.

Sbach 342 4CH RTF Remote Controlled Planes - 2.4GHz

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    If you're going to get into the hobby and reap the most benefit from our reviews of remote control airplanes, you need to understand some basic principles of flight. All RC planes use propellers to give them thrust, but whether they sport rudders, elevators and ailerons is another matter.

    There are RC planes and then there is the Spy Hawk. This isn’t your ordinary remote controlled airplane by any account, and despite all of its features it’s not prohibitively expensive; it costs abouts $400.