Remote Control Boats: Water Etiquette & Safety

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So why choose electric remote control boats

The best remote control boats responded exactly how we wanted them to and were difficult, if not impossible, to flip over. However, some boats struggled. For example, hydroplanes don't turn left very well, and this hurt the handling.

Another great feature of the RC boat world is the parent-child dynamic the hobby facilitates. Racing radio-controlled boats is fun at any age. It doesn't matter if you're 14 or 40. Visit any online forum for remote control boating enthusiasts and you'll find many of the hobbyists talk about their remote control boats in relation to their child. They aren't just buying RC boats for their teenage son or daughter, they're also participating with a second boat.

Remote Control Boats - Vitense Golfland

Explore the water nearby with your very own remote control boat. These high-quality remote controlled boats and submarines enable customers to quickly zoom around the water with ease without flipping over or going out of range. When opting to shop at RC Superstore, customers will find many different name brands that specialize in some of the very best remote control boat kits around. Some brands that you will find while shopping here include Pro Boat and Traxxas. Whether you are looking for an electric remote control boat for kids or a gas-powered remote control boat for adults, you will find it all at RC Superstore.


The great thing about remote control boats is that it's an inclusive hobby. You don't need years of experience with boats or a master's degree in robotics and engineering. Anyone can join in. With most entry-level remote control (RC) boats, all you have to do is remove the boat from the box and put it on the water. With time, you can make upgrades to your boat, creating customized, faster boats.

Run Time & Charge Time
Electric remote control boats have really short battery lives. This is undoubtedly the most frustrating aspect of this hobby. We tested this by running the boats until the battery ran out. The average run time was just 10 minutes. As such, we recommend purchasing multiple batteries so you don't have to wait for the battery to charge before launching the boat again.