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BLS does not have data specifically for drivers of recycling trucks; however, these workers are included in the occupation refuse and recyclable material collectors. The median annual wage for refuse and recyclable material collectors in the remediation and other waste management services industry group was $29,610 in May 2010. The wage is the median annual wage for the entire United States. Wages vary by employer and location.

Drivers should have at least a high school education or a G.E.D. To be certified to handle large recycling trucks, drivers must have a Class A or B Commercial Driver's License with airbrake endorsement. Recycling companies prefer drivers who have several years of experience with large commercial trucks.

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Couple minutes of GoPro footage on Freightliner recycling truck

Recycling operations rely on various kinds of mechanics, technicians, and machinery maintenance workers to inspect and repair the automated equipment in MRFs and to maintain recycling trucks.

No matter how recyclables are collected, though, they need to be taken to an MRF to be sorted and processed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 906 MRFs owned by private companies and local governments in 2009.[] At MRFs, workers unload the recycling trucks, and dump the recyclables onto slow moving conveyor belts. As the recyclables move down the conveyor belt, they are sorted into different groups by their material. For example, all paper products will end up in one group, while all glass ends up in another.