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Trouble Shooting ....................12 Introduction Congratulations on purchasing Fat Shark Attitude V3 FPV video goggle integrated with modular receiver bay, interlaced 3D solution and head tracking. To ensure your continued enjoyment, please take the time to thoroughly read through this operating manual before using.

Take your RC off road experience to a whole new level! This all new RC Shark off Road Racing Buggy provide the power along with acceleration to tear some dirt up. Out of the box the buggy is complete with a nicely finished glossy exterior paint and a detailed interior. This carperformance

Air Swimmers - Awesome RC Flying Shark and Clownfish

Shark Pendant
Popular Jewelry

Beautiful shark pendants 14k gold or silver. Shark tooth or sharks in action.

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Escape Shark Attacks

Escape from other shark attacks, fishing boats, and submarine torpidoes!

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Shark Hunting the Great White
CD or Download
10 Mb

In Shark! Hunting the Great White, you'll actually hunt 8 different species of sharks, including the awesome Great White, the Tiger Shark, the Great Hammerhead, and many more. 9 powerful underwater weapons, and 9 equipment items.

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Remote Control Hammerhead Shark
Popular Remote Control

This awesome RC Hammerhead Shark replicate the smooth motion of the real one. The handheld remote is submersible, so you can swim with your shark. Depth up to 9', distance 40'.

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RC Shark Boat Prank by CobyUnger

All those RC planes flying across the park look fun. But how much fun can anything really be when there's not a single monster in sight? You can change all that humdrum scenery with the RC Flying Shark, a remote-controlled electric plane clad in the marine predator's body.

This is homebuilt Rc shark's first swim in my mate pool , I have 2 other videos on it. 1 of the other ones shows all the workings inside. still needs some work to get it swimming a bit quicker , it's got a fibreglass body and the tail is EEP with a latex skin , it weights about 10kg and it's 5 1/2 ft long , When it's going better I'll put it in the water to see how many people I can make crap themselves !!!!! { and video it of course }