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* Additional Razor electric scooter model parts, including parts for: the E90, EcoSmart Metro, ESpark, Sport Mod, Pocket Mod Bistro, Pocket Mod Bella, Sweet Pea Pocket Mod, E-500, E-500S, E-Punk and Trikke E2.

The simple design of these Razor models make them durable and very easy for the owner to repair. A front or rear Razor kick scooter wheel (the most ordered of Razor scooter parts) can be switch out in the time it takes to turn off a nut, pull out the axle bolt, stick a new wheel onto the bolt, and then replace that simple assembly. Other commonly replaced kick scooter and caster board parts are the wheel bearings and handlebar grips.

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    No one has time to hone their balancing skills these days, and if building your own Segway doesn’t generate enough head-turning for you, then the from the guys at [Scitech] should. Their build is chain-driven, using easy-to-find salvaged Razor scooter parts. Throw in a motor controller, 5DOF IMU and some batteries and it’s almost ready to burn up the sidewalks in hipster-tech style.