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Rear Wheel Assembly for the Razor MX500 and MX650 Dirt Rocket

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6. Razor MX500: Technically not a scooter, but it has most of the same parts. Really overbuilt for a kid's toy. Some parts are even better than those on the adult scooters. Bought this for $60, missing batteries and controller. Threw in a 60V controller I have with me, but kept the batteries to 48V Lipos to keep the motor alive. Has front and rear suspension, but I'm looking into swapping a Fox Vanilla RC for the rear but I have to find the right reducers (I don't know where to start while staying on a budget). Has solid disc brakes, beefy tires. Lots of space for the battery and controller, even some groceries. Really torquey but it needs a bit more top end speed. Researching gearing and motor swaps, but don't want to spend money yet. Also looking for free ramp postings on craigslist, I'm sure it would be fun to do some jumps with this thing.