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Scraping Table Data from Web Pages Using R

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Stride-R-Web Services is dedicated to making strides in the weaving of tasteful & . In today's complex digital world, I strive to deliver streamlined web solutions which include an emphasis on functionality combined with clean, attractive, and user-friendly interfaces. Let Stride-R-Web Services take the hassles, confusion, and drudgery out of your next web or graphics design project!

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    I prefer working closely with small business owners and others who desire a clean, optimized, and professionally designed web presence. I take pride in helping others achieve their needs and design goals!

    Themes are the unifying look, concept, or design message which gets repeated throughout a site to develop and maintain a level of uniformity and site recognition. Oftentimes, businesses will come to the table with an existing logo or letterhead and need this woven and cleanly integrated into the resulting web site. Themes & Logos are closely tied to the aspect to site design.